Did you get any new toys over the holidays – a new cell phone, printer, mp3 player, etc?  Wondering what to do with your old or busted technology?

Or maybe you have some spent ink or toner cartridges laying around to get rid of.  You want to do the environmentally-friendly thing, but you just haven’t had the chance.  Well… let NextGen recycle it for you!

What does this have to do with wine?  Anyone that brings in cartridges, old cell phones, or other portable electronics to recycle will be entered to win a bottle of wine at NextGen’s Open House on Wednesday, January 16.

  1. Cynthia Pacia
    Cynthia Pacia says:

    Congrats to NextGen member Luticha Doucette on being our big winner on Wednesday! Luticha brought some technology items to be recycled to our Open House and was entered in our drawing for a bottle of wine. She walked out with a lovely bottle of red to end the evening. 🙂

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