One of the things I love about Rochester is the number of unique places there are to visit. Artisan Works ranks as one of my favorites. Since I discovered the gallery a few years ago I’ve been back time and time again to rediscover the ever changing displays and art spaces. In addition to having one of the most vibrant wall-to-wall collections of art in every medium, Artisan Works is a not-for-profit supporting local artists.

Interesting facts about Artisan Works:

  • It occupies a renovated building that was built in 1926 as a factory for the US Navy to manufacture cannons
  • They are one of the few self-sustaining not-for-profits in the US
  • Many area businesses rent Artisan Works pieces to display in their offices
  • They support artists by purchasing pieces upfront to store, display, rent or sell, giving artists the flexibility to continue working

Venturing through the hallways and themed rooms you’ll find pieces that are fun and funky, some that are simply transfixing, and others that flat out confuse you. With art and sculptures filling every corner, wall and ceiling you’ll find something new with each pass.

Whether you’re planning for the weekend, looking for an event space or entertaining out of town guests – consider making Artisan Works a part of your plans. And when they ask if you’d like to upgrade your admission to a membership – consider it. You’ll get unlimited free admission for the year which means you can rediscover art as often as you like.

Oh, and my favorite room … I guess it’s a tossup between the Marilyn Monroe room, Vertigo Heights and the Frank Lloyd Wright room.

565 Blossom Road Suite L
Rochester, New York 14610

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