You are invited to join NextGen Rochester as we experience the current exhibit at the Rochester Museum & Science Center – RACE: Are We So Different.

Come with us on Saturday, March 23rd, to explore stories of race from biological, cultural, and historical points of view.  We will be meeting at the RMSC (657 East Avenue, Rochester) at 2:45pm to begin our independent tour at 3pm.  Midway through, we will be led in a conversation by an RMSC volunteer.

At the exhibit we’ll explore the stories of race through three themes: the everyday experience of race, the contemporary science that is challenging common ideas about race, and the history of this idea in the United States.

  • Everyday Experience of Race
    Learn about social and personal experiences of race in familiar settings such as home, neighborhood, health and education. Race and racism is not just inside our heads. It is built into our laws, traditions and institutions.
  • The Science of Human Variation
    Racial categories are human-made. Humans are more alike genetically than any other living species. This section focuses on what current science tells us about human variation and our species’ history.
  • History of the Idea of Race
    Race has not always existed. Sorting people by their physical differences is only a few hundred years old. Discover how the development of the idea of race is closely linked to early United States.

We are receiving a special group rate of $5/person (paid at the door – normally $13) and RMSC staffing, so please be sure to RSVP so we can give them an appropriate headcount.

After the exhibit, we’ll be heading to an establishment (to be decided by the group) in the East/Alexander area to continue conversations.

To RSVP or for any questions, please email